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Persian Paradise offers a feast reminiscent of a ‘Darvish’ fairy tale.
Genuine antiques, old Persian copper lamps, contains and warm wood columns create reflection of Iran’s romanticism when it was know as Persia.
Persian Paradise restaurant, in keeping with tradition, is hand-painted in rich red-maroon turquoise blue and sun gold.
Greeted by an impressive waiting room, guests enter the main dining area of the restaurant, filled with the Iranian antiques and rugs and carpets.





"Fred Flintstone would undoubtedly approve of the range of hearty BBQ dishes and high quality lamb and chicken kebabs. It’s easy to overdo it on the starters, shovelling up delicious Kashke Bademjan (fried aubergine and walnuts) with scoops torn from the enormous flat bread, hot out of the stone oven and nibbling on warm Dolmeh

Virgin Magazine November 16, 2015